Koiné is a partnership of lawyers where we share common perspectives and diverse skill sets, with the aim of persistently obtaining quality results. Our solutions are at the same time pragmatic and legally sounding.

Koiné was created from the union of eight different partners who are lawyers and corporate jurists.

Our name implies a joint synergy of senior professionals who speak one common language among themselves as well as with customers. Our language is easy to understand yet at the same time sophisticated and cutting-edge, thanks to the quality and breadth of our shared work experience and backgrounds.




27 January 2020

Secondo la Consob, negli organi sociali composti da meno di 5 membri la quota di genere pari a 2/5 si applica con arrotondamento per difetto all'unità inferiore.

04 March 2019

In March 2019, the ELITE Corporate Governance Framework was presented with contributions from Borsa Italiana, Confindustria and Assonime and Alessandro Chieffi.


11 March 2020

Court of Cassation: a Special Purpose Vehicle can contest the debtor (i) its lack of passive legitimacy as regards the counterclaims filed against it and (ii) the inadmissibility of the compensation of the debtor's claims against the Originator.